To authenticate user requests to the API, we use a token with the transfer of an access key. To receive the key, register in your personal account.

For cURL requests, you can provide an access token via bearer auth:

-H 'Authorization: Bearer $API_KEY'

curl <> \\
-H 'Authorization: Bearer $API_KEY'

To add video

Videos can be uploaded in several ways:

  1. Through the control panel interface (Upload button on the top right)
  2. Through the API after successful authorization
curl -XPOST '<>' \\
-H 'X-Video-Title: Video title' \\
-H 'X-Video-Description: Video description' \\
-H 'X-File-Name: video.mp4' \\
-H 'Authorization: Bearer $API_KEY' \\
--data-binary '@/full/path/to/video/file.mp4'

To upload your poster, you need to add the header X-Poster-URL and specify the external URL.

To Upload a video from an external URL use header X-Video-URL (-H 'X-Video-URL: [<>](<> )')

Examples of video uploading

Listing all your videos

curl <> \\
-H 'Authorization: Bearer $API_KEY'

Getting video info

curl <$VIDEO_ID> \\
-header 'Authorization: Bearer $API_KEY'

The video structure returns all the information, including the HLS manifest link - hls_link to use in any compatible HTML5 player, the direct play link - play_link, and the player embed code - embed_link.